Exclusive Asian Art

Buddhart offers a wide range of exclusive asian art since it's founding in 2008.

Buddhart has accomplished much since its inception in 2008 with several very exclusive arts. Located near Amsterdam famous for it's world-class business, shopping, culture and art center.

Budhart's Exlusive Arts are made by it's own small selected group of creative artists.

Buddhart offers asian art from a Buddhist point of view with a traditional Buddhist themes. This allows Buddhart to create a full and very unique experience of the art of The Buddha.

The Exlcusive Asian Art we offer consists of Buddha's statues, paintings, furniture and much more. All the art is related to the Buddha.

Buddhart have successfully built and is expanding their brand throughout the USA and Europe, creating its own special brand.

We invite you to join us online or in our office and immerse yourself with the Buddhart Exclusive Asian art.

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